Extensive list of official Lamborghini paint codes now online

Date posted : September 2. 2012

LamboCARS has published the official paint codes from PPG for the various Lamborghini shades for many years already, however in time a lot of different hues were added to the list by Automobili Lamborghini SpA while some shades were slightly modified.

If you take a look at our extensive list holding nearly 200 different codes today, a multitude of Arancio variations, all kinds of Rosso shades, Nero options ... and many, many more.

We've tried our best to get the correct codes listed and put a small sample of the paint next to the code, in several cases we even put a thumbnail of a Lamborghini finished in the exact shade so you can better decide if the paint code is right for you.

NOTE : a computer screen cannot display a car paint in the exact hue as it will be on the final spray, also several PPG paints consist of 2 or even 3 coats of different colour on top of each other to get the exact shade Lamborghini delivers ... make sure you check with your paint supplier before applying the paint on your car.

Check out our Lamborghini Paint Codes

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